A new platform to connect companies with experienced HR and people leaders who can drive their business forward.
This week's newsletter includes Shelby Wolpa's on pay transparency, 5 stages of DEI maturity, Pyn's analysis of layoff communications, Amplify Academy…
The Golf Cohort will include a collection of world-class global people leaders from Spotify, The Lego Group, Reddit, and Patreon.
In this episode of Redefining HR, I spoke with PepsiCo’s SVP and chief design officer, Mauro Porcini to discuss innovation as an act of love and lessons…
In this inaugural Redefining Work newsletter we introduce the new Redefining Work Substack platform and initiatives to help those in the…
As the world of work continues to evolve, it's time to broaden the focus beyond the term "HR".
In this episode of Redefining HR, I spoke with Northwestern Mutual’s Executive Vice President and Chief HR officer, Don Robertson.
Adventures in Substack [Update] Watch now (2 min) | A build in public update on why we're exploring returning to Substack to host the Amplify Digest and Redefining HR podcast…
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